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Providing unbiased and reliable opinion in medical-legal cases

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About the Founder

Kenyetta Christmas

Kenyetta Christmas, the founder of Hough Medical Consulting has been a Registered Nurse for 18 years with her last 13 years serving as a Nurse Practitioner. Her nursing career began working along the besides of patients in trauma, cardiovascular, neurosurgical, and general medical-surgical ICU. She became a skilled resource early, mentor to fellow RN’s and respected by the physicians she worked side by side with. 

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Mrs. Christmas love for critical care is what propelled her to want to learn and give more quality services to her patients. She then obtained her Master of Science in Nursing from Emory University and became a board certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.

Mrs. Christmas has worked in various critical care units as a Nurse Practitioner and currently serves as the Lead Nurse Practitioner of a team of  NP’s/PA’s. Kenyetta holds herself to a high standard and strives daily to provide quality work to not only her patients but her team as well; while demonstrating and leading in good moral character.

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Personal Statement:

As your Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, I will take the same high-quality care that I provide to my patients and transfer that energy over for my attorney-clients’ medical legal cases. My background allows me to understand the nursing and medical perspective in cases to provide a cost-effective analysis of each case at hand. With multiple resources available to me to as a consultant, an unbiased, timely and expert opinion is certain. 

So, choose Hough Medical Consulting as your legal nurse consultant. Because Professionalism, Integrity, and Timeliness are the core of HMC. 

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Services Offered